Jul 14, 2008

The Power of Online

So, Can any of this online 'stuff', blogging, discussion, have an impact on anything like the scale of a multinational corporation. Well it seems so. Aided by the eternal 'opinion-based valuation' nature of the stock exchanges, a group of 'cyber coolies' (young graduates in call centres across India) have set up an 'e-union' that promises to attack clients and investors of their companies in response to the sacking of 400 of their graduate peers. By threatening to release information from inside the business to investors, they hope to incentivise firms to re-employ or compensate their peers. They claim the information would sabotage the share price of these firms significantly. The BPO ('Business Process Outsourcing') union claims that members of the Indian BPO industry were unlawfully sacked and should receive compensation or be reinstated.

It seems as though some of the loyalty to an organisation has left a generation and their loyalty to the management team has left too. Can it be restored? Watch this space.

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