Nov 5, 2008

Tech and Consulting major IBM 'booms' in Second Life

IBM, the technology giant (with a turnover of almost $ 100 billion in the year '07-'08) has moved in to Second Life, big-style. Employing increasing amounts of real-life Second Life avatar controllers, from their new hub in India, IBM has recently reported a population 'boom' as they continue to grow the number of staff to service their customers through their online 'Business Centre' that was set up earlier this year (reports the Economic Times): "The business centre offer sales support across the world, allowing customers to visit IBM virtually and see products and solutions in 3D. This is a place for IBM sales people, clients, and partners to meet, learn, collaborate, and conduct business together virtually..." The benefits they say: people no longer have to travel in order to reach IBm - they can just 'log on' - and it reduces consumer costs.
However, the article also says customers still have to sign contracts, pay, and/or exchange 'sensitive information' over the phone or through the web (outisde of Second Life).

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