Dec 18, 2008

The answer to (un)employment is Facebook

The ‘R’ word. Eeek! But in the midst of all that reality the ‘Facebook Generation’ are jumping online to share grievances and report they are now free to work for anyone! Business Week recently reported exactly such a story about a former DHL employee: ‘First he snapped an iPhone picture of his severance letter and posted it to photo-sharing site SnapMyLife. He also updated his Facebook status line and eventually joined a group on LinkedIn for former DHL employees.’
Says an MIT professor: "These new channels are providing a sense of community in an environment where there is a sudden, almost compelled, need…not to feel alone"
Our recommendation? If you are a brave breakaway start-up CEO or a growing international firm look to your network of Y Gens to bring in fresh talent and build connections!

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