Jan 5, 2009

British Government invites Naked Generations to Collaborate

In a recent report, entitled: ‘Collaborative Partnerships’ the Foreign and Commonwealth Office sought to understand in depth how they could improve the relationships between the Government, NGOs and ‘Big Business’. Having been invited to the table Naked Generations was asked to write the Y Generation ‘Point Of View’ (POV). Referenced three times in the document Naked Generations was commended by the FCO in saying: ‘the work done by ...Naked Generations, in support of this report, highlights how big the gap [is] that governments and business have to close in engaging with younger generations... Governments and businesses that seek collaboration must provide a focused context or subject matter around which to base discussion. And should operate in the spirit of “Ask- Don’t Tell”, and should expect push-back.
Naked Generations’ full submission was also selected to be included in the report which is being sent out to 100 organisations globally, including 20 governments, 9 international institutions, 19 high profile leaders, and distributed within the British Government (including No. 10 Downing St., the MoD and the Department of Health).
Chapters in the study included Understanding Collaboration; Effective Collaboration; Collaboration and its impact on organizations; Social Collaboration; and, a future thinking chapter on ‘Collaboration and its possibilities'.
For more information, or to understand how we could help your business/ organisation on a similar piece of work, please contact Christopher Lomas info@nakedgenerations.com.

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