Feb 4, 2009

Medical uses for Facebook

A new article highlights the benefits of Social Media for the medical world.  In the article is given a description of how Facebook users are coming to the aid of children who need life-saving transplants as the networking website presents its users with more serious dilemmas than they usually have to contend with as they stay in touch with friends. Campaigns launched on the site have inspired thousands of people to join groups urging them to become members of tissue transplant registers. Joining the registers helps widen the pool of bone marrow and blood donors available and increases the chance of a match being found for patients.’

Inspirational uses of Social Networking like this should at least deter even the hard-line skeptics away from thinking that Facebook is just for playing.

‘The parents of 23-month-old Iona Stratton, who fell ill with leukaemia when she was 13 weeks old, launched a Facebook appeal in October to find a bone marrow donor. The appeal attracted almost 7,000 members and they found a match in Australia within weeks’.

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